Day 56 (that’s 7 days x 8 weeks right?): Boston / Boston!

OK so yesterday I might have spent most of the day in Colin’s living room rewatching Supernatural before the season premiere, except for the hour or so I went for a ride and got lunch, at which point I realized I forgot my wallet on his couch, so that was embarrassing.  (Yes, of course I went back and paid.)

But I finally got off my lazy ass and got into town today!  Biked the fiveish miles to Quincy Center and took the train up into Boston proper — and god, the colors get lovelier every day:

10702213_10101061208760947_5853409538085547699_n 10660351_10101061208716037_7914346040203071993_n


Wandered out at Downtown Crossing and walked around the area, finally meandering through some of the old historic cemeteries.  (Side note: you guys, I am very good at spelling, I always have been, and I don’t think I’ve ever once written the word cemetery without trying to add a fucking a to it.)  But yeah, I worked a block from this shit, if not less, for about three years, and never fucking bothered to take ten minutes and walk through over lunch.  It’s cool.

10603299_10101061391624487_4052265280972612866_n 10368404_10101061391739257_8291871981912855726_n

— and it’s also just slightly eerily beautiful —

10427319_10101061391509717_307740100070222366_n 10600450_10101061391529677_7754867584920365491_n

I was fucking depressed to happen upon my favorite old Borders — like obviously I know they’re all gone (I caught like the last day of the closing sale of the one in Milwaukee the weekend I moved there), but I was hoping it’s be another bookstore or something.  But no, this is what it is:


A goddamned multilevel Walgreens.  And to add insult apparently they kept the fucking cafe?  In the Walgreens?  What the fuck is this?

ANYWAY here’s some pretty pink sunset pictures from the Commons.  Breathe, self.

1560450_10101061391873987_6844306604067525507_n 10698707_10101061391829077_2148142936261831260_n 10483235_10101061391913907_5300698049074637709_n

Breathe, keep breathing.  You love downtown, you love the Common.  You love the —

10561722_10101061781098977_7076379081625195139_n 10628174_10101061781138897_2443078062933403911_n


All right you know what, fuck you.

Carousels in their most innocuous forms make me feel a little bit like I’m on LSD and it doesn’t help when there’s an amputated rabbit and a — rooster presiding over a gold baby head in a horse’s flank?  I guess?  Is there any universe this is designed for anything but nightmares?

So I wandered through ritzy Beacon Hill, retracing my old route home over the river into Cambridge, and was very angry that my beloved sunset skyline is currently obscured by construction because fuck off, safe bridges, I want my photographs.  Then sat in Kendall Square for a bit leeching MIT wifi and remembering all the things I could have been before wandering off to Central Square, past my old home where I lived with one of my best friends —



— and then onto the People’s Republik to hang out with my friend Rowan, who miiiight actually have been my first friend moving here?  We hadn’t hung out in at least like seven or eight years, and it was nice and hilarious to discover that we are still (a) awful people and (b) kindred spirits.



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2 Responses to Day 56 (that’s 7 days x 8 weeks right?): Boston / Boston!

  1. Lea M. Gee says:

    I freaking love carousels in all their creepy horror. Can you imagine if a whole city was decorated in those faded bright colors with random animals and golden baby heads? Like Gothic Lisa Frank. Amazing.


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