Day 52ish: Boston / To get personal for a moment —

I’m pretty grateful that my brother and I have become much closer as adults — and that really was his doing initially, though I think we both put effort towards staying close these days.   In a lot of ways we’re as different as two siblings could possibly be — he’s in med school; I’m homeless and sleeping on my friends’ couches — but we’re also sort of interestingly similar at the core.

I expect our parents don’t quite know what to think.  We bookend the mid-thirties demographic; most people in our bracket are well into the whole career and/or family shit.  And I’m a colossal eternal fuck-up, of course, which he isn’t, but I think it’s kind of fucking cool that he and I both have managed to exorcise our demons to the point that we’re both doing things — his med school and my, well, whatever the fuck I’m doing with my life — that other people say “I cannot imagine doing what you’re doing”.

There’s something to be said for that, right?

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