Day 51?: Boston / Inertia Creeps

I miss New York already but I had to go.  My life is a strange mix of inertia and entropy, and they do not play well together.  But I saw some cool shit biking out —




— and made some new friends —

10665370_10101053139182447_7539480611505167102_n (1)

10482191_10101053693207177_2834750794893140519_n (2)

And now I am in Boston, for the first time in years, and everything is red and gold.  I’m staying down in Weymouth with my friend Colin; he lives on the water and it is so very, very New England, and the homesickness is like a punch in the stomach.

I bought some real-person clothes today.  I own pants, for the first time in two months.  I dislike it.  But it is October, and this is what real people wear in October.

I don’t like it.  I like being a non-person.  It’s always October and it’s always a new city, even when it’s the same, and I am never quite a person.

But when he had gone a little way the Cat said to himself, ‘All places are alike to me. Why should I not go too and see and look and come away at my own liking.’


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