Day 30: Washington, DC / Leg 1: Complete!

Miles: 30 (bicycle); a metric fuckload (car)

And through the combined forces of my body, my bicycle and my friends, in one month minus one day I have made it from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Washington, DC.

I did not make it to West Virginia on my bike, but given the blood dripping down my shin, the golf ball swollen into my ankle and the sharp spasms in my knee, you know what, Ohio?  I graciously concede defeat.  Fuck you nonetheless.

There are cats to be sat here in DC next week, so I shall be here for a bit.  Which will be weird.  Boston still feels like home to me, in a lot of ways, but DC feels like I lived here in another life.

I’m deliriously tired.  Goodnight, ye merry folks.

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