Day 28: Zanesville / 4 weeks in; new daily best

57 miles!

The last 20 or so weren’t as bad as the first 30 or so, but I was racing nightfall, which is unsettling.  And I lost, but fortunately by the time it was approaching full dark I was on a road with a decent amount of traffic and a bike lane, which is a good combo.

I also apparently have been off in my day-count since somewhere in Detroit last week.  I will fix this sometime soon.  I will not fix this today.

Tomorrow should be under 30 miles (though dinging 600+ miles total!) which will be nice.  And then Friday Jeff and I are going to play 8th grade math, departing from two different points at different speeds and figuring out where we shall meet.

What could possibly go wrong?

Also, check it:



Fall, bitches!

Unrelated to anything, I think a small part of why I love this time of year so much is because it satisfies something deep in my inner word-nerd.  In my head it so perfectly illustrates the delicate autumnal transition from incipient (now) to inchoate (late September) and it makes me feel a little tingly inside.

Don’t judge me.

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