Day 25: South Vienna, OH / Not Even Halfway There

Miles: 13 down, 36 to go

Today is tough, you guys. Didn’t sleep well due to knee pain and the Florida-instilled awareness of Things that go Skitter in the Night. Now I’m tired, still in pain, and the wind is just enough against me to be constantly aggravating. I got music on google play on my phone from the chromebook but half the time it’s like trying to load YouTube from a fucking nuclear bunker. And I’m recharging at a speedway in shitville, Ohio — with no wifi of course — wallowing in grumpiness and self-pity.


Shut up. I’m allowed.

Things that help keep my spirits up: (1) I know I can do 35 miles. I’ve done it for fun before. Even taking it easy, it’s not that long. And (b) I should still be off the bike by the time I’d previously be leaving my cubicle. That feels good.

If I can find a walk-in clinic in Columbus I might stay an extra day at the cheap-ass hostel to check my knees out, ’cause I dunno when I’d next have the option until maybe New York.

I don’t know to add images to a post via phone app, but Jesus Christ, dudes, this town really loves its corn.

10696415_10101029246812947_9007566698515358376_n 10703638_10101029246763047_80024337860549454_n

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