Day 24: Springfield, OH / On the Road Again…

Miles: 26

After a week of bouncing between friends in Dayton, Detroit and Dayton again, I am alone again, rootless again, and twenty-five miles closer to the Atlantic.

I have a post I want to write but I’m still trying to catch up on emails, and I want to either soak in a bath or just pry my fucking kneecaps off and be done with them.

…OK well my nice relaxing bath was aborted by a large beetle-or-cockroach-like insect skittering across the bathroom floor through my crippling myopia so now I’m torn between prying my kneecaps off, just going to bed or setting everything I can see on fire.

Excuse the utterly substanceless post.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get going early (unlikely) so I can take the 50 miles at a fairly slow pace and still get to Columbus early (and then, perhaps, figure out where the shit I’m going after that, maybe.)

Here, don’t you wish you’d been on Possum Road today?


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