Day 22: Detroit (Redux)

Three weeks ago today I was biking somewhere in the southern sprawl of Milwaukee, sun-baked and terrified.  Since then I’ve been in/through six states (including some non-two wheeled travel), biked over 450 miles, and traveled another few hundred by train and bus.  It feels, unsurprisingly, like it’s been both way longer since I left and not very long at all.  Still pretty terrified, but that may just be because I’m still in Detroit.

I kid, of course, mostly.  I’m right downtown, so I can’t speak for much of the city, but it’s much more vibrant than I’d expected or remembered, which my native Detroit denizen host confirmed.

So we wandered around a bit in the afternoon, and I embarrassed my friend by taking crappy touristy pictures…

I leave this here without comment.

photo 2 (1)

And got some of this —

photo 1

— which, I mean, if I’d known it was gonna be that kind of party…

Went out for more drinks later, skulking through the city streets, wherein I got to cross “playing Beethoven on a street corner piano at midnight” off my bucket list, and finally ended up on the rooftop deck, taking slightly creepy photos against the blurred edge of the skyline.

photo 5 (1)


photo 1 (2)

(I would like to say that someday I will make the text/photo format of this blog cleaner, and also possibly figure out how to include a map, but I might be utterly lying.)

My friend and cohort is at work now so I am being lazy and enjoying some time alone, catching up on writing, swearing to myself with weak conviction that I’ll possibly get dressed at some point and do a little wandering on my own.  Maybe.

And I probably should consider investing in some new shoes before commencing the next self-propelled leg of my travels, because, uh…

photo 2


Happy Thursday, everyone!  I hope your lives have a bit more consistency than my own at the moment.  Unless you’re a kindred spirit in transience, in which case, fuck that shit.

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