Day 18: Dayton, OH

Miles: 40

Crossed another state line!  I have now officially biked across an entire state, border to border.  Body is definitely adjusting, I barely felt the 40 miles — until I got off the bike in Dayton and it registered how badly I had overloaded my backpack (mostly thanks to damp, grody clothes).  And now my lower back is seizing up in pain for a minute or so every time I stand up.  So that’s fun.  But at least my body fuckery timed itself well, and hopefully it’ll have righted itself by the time I get back on my bike this weekendish.

So yeah, in Dayton ’til Tuesday morning — the second major city I’ve biked into! — at my friend Charles’ place.  Who I hadn’t actually met ’til today.  At some point I’m going to write a post about how much I love networks of Internet friends (or Internet-turned-IRL friends), and how cool it’s been meeting/seeing them again in random ass Midwestern cities, but I am tired as balls and today is not that day.

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