Day 14: Indianapolis at Last

miles: 25




It was a nice little ride.  It’s funny how quickly perspective changes: 25 miles is now a nothing day, despite however much I ache when I get done.  The first half or so was pleasant suburbia, and Indy itself is surprisingly bike-friendly.  I biked down the White River Trail (?), along (duh) the river, with lovely views of the city on one side and I think a zoo was on the other side.  And then that turned into the Cultural Trail winding downtown — I’m not sure how much culture is on it (you’ll kindly forgive my lack of hawk-eyed attention to surroundings), but it was a really awesome mixed-use trail, even separated into bikes on one side and pedestrians on another.  A random cyclist I fell in line with asked me if I were traveling, and suggested I check out Calvin Fletcher’s (? — I think) coffee house as a cyclist haven, should I get a chance.

And then I had dinner with an old friend-of-the-Internets, which was awesome as well.  It’s pretty neat how many people I have already and/or will hopefully get to see over the course of this ridiculousness that I either haven’t ever got to meet in the flesh before, or haven’t seen in far too long.

Umnghhhh I might try to write a slightly less uninteresting post later but right now the fucking bathtub is singing its siren song so peace out, bitches.


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