Day 13: Brownsburg, IN / Are These Places Even Real?

Miles: 36

Today, thankfully, was substantially more pleasant than yesterday, despite it only winding up about five miles less, and it still being hot as fucking demon-balls outside.  For one thing, I didn’t get stuck on a shit dirt road for an hour that felt like it was straight out of Children of the Corn.  And this stretch was also much more… I mean, civilization might be a bit generous, but at least… populated.  Ish.  And the interminable corn fields are beginning to be broken up by trees.  Actual trees!  With shade!

Unrelatedly, among the things about myself I have learned so far on this adventure, there is the fact that I never actually did get over my middle school terror induced by Children of the Corn.  So that’s fun too.

And Brownsburg, IN pretty much feels like New York fucking City to me right now.  Like, there’s a K-Mart and a Wal-Mart.  There’s a Starbucks.  There’s a fucking GameStop!  I have spent nearly all of adult life in major metropolitan areas (well, two major metropolitan areas, and then whatever one would consider Milwaukee), but I just wanna soak in the vibrant life of these shopping centers.

I realize it’s been all of five days since I was in St. Louis, and not even a week and a half since Chicago, but Jesus, the emptiness gets under your skin.

Also: like, everyone I’ve encountered has been very and helpful, interested in my journey and appropriately impressed, and I appreciate that intensely.  I also might wring the neck of the next person who says, “You’re biking that far?  In this heat?  Whooo-eeeh!  Sure picked a bad day for it!”

Apropos of nothing.

Tomorrow brings a blessedly quick hop to Indianapolis, where I plan to stay for two nights.  Hopefully I will finally find a fucking laundromat, instead of awkwardly trying to scrub my clothes in the bathroom sink with motel soap, and possibly find a bike shop to give my noble steed a once-over after putting a few hundred miles on her.

I still wish I could have waited another few weeks to take off and dodged the brutal August heat, but man, all the pain and dirt and heat exhaustion is so worth it for those few moments when you’re perched atop a long, lazy hill, about to take off down a road shaded with trees as far as you can see.

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