Day 10: Champaign/Urbana / Still in ****ing Illinois

Miles: 51.49 (Am I in shape yet?  No?  How ’bout now?)

So if you’ve never stopped on the side of a relatively busy US highway, pulled a tube of lube out of your bag, generously slicked up your fingers and then put your hand in your pants… frankly, I’m just not sure what to tell you at this point.

Anyway, so I did a solid half-century today.  I’m pretty sure my Racine, WI –> Chicago was as much or more, but since Google maps was sucking my metaphorical balls at the time, I’m not sure how far that was.  It was tedious because it was almost all the same interminable stretch of US150(? — I’m making that up and am too lazy to check the road), all two-lane highway lined on one side with ears of corn taller than my head and on the other side with great empty swathes of grain and weeds.

I got a late start, which sucked — I’d just finished feeding (I feel like I no longer eat meals, I just feed) when the sky opened up and it rained torrentially for a good half hour or so.  I’m fine riding in a drizzle, but (a) I’m not sure if my panniers are waterproof, and I’d be pretty sad if I water-fried my new laptop, and (b) I’m cripplingly blind, and somehow biking down the shoulder of a strange highway with completely rain-smeared glasses probably wouldn’t bode well for the whole “surviving this trip” thing I’m going for.  And the last 10 or so miles sucked some serious donkey bits, but I feel good for sucking it up and powering through.  My left knee and right ankle politely disagree, but fuck them anyway.

Kind of want to rest up another day here, but it’s only 35ish miles to Danville, which seems like the logical next stop, so like… if I leave at check-out time here, I should get there almost before check-in time, so I could still rest almost all day without festering in the same place.  If I’m really aching tomorrow I’ll probably stay but I don’t think I will be; sitting in a small puddle of KY jelly all day definitely helped with that sort of soreness and my muscles seem OK, and usually the joint pain works itself out overnight.

I will say, though, the texture of the palms of my hands right now is something I do not believe I’ve ever experienced before.

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