Day 10: Eastward Ho!

Finally about to strike out east, wending my way back towards my beloved Atlantic!  Slowly.  Really fucking slowly.

Today will be mildly tedious, as it’s almost all on US 150-E and I kind of prefer the rides broken up into a handful of shorter legs.  But it’s 50 miles, which is a good day’s distance: it’s long enough that I feel like I’m getting somewhere, but not so long that I’m concerned about my ability to get there by dark.

And tomorrow I should finally get the fuck out of Illinois (I don’t quite count my sojourn into STL) and into Indiana!  Shit’s wild, you guys.


I am so cool.  Between the KY jelly coating my thighs and the sunscreen slathered on the rest of me, I just really, really wish I had a Slip-n-Slide right now.  God, please date me.

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