Day 7: St. Louis / Interlude

miles: fuckin’ ZERO

I have done nothing today but flop in bed, dick around online, and swim around in the pool, and it is glorious.  I did manage to scrape my right toes slightly while pretending to be some sort of sea creature — I’ll let you all decide whether it’s more or less weird that I was completely alone in the pool while doing so — but only barely.

So it’s been one week of being an irresponsible, degenerate transient!  I have traveled about 450 miles by bike and train, and s’been both harder and easier, more fun and less fun than I’d vaguely expected — which is, I suppose, pretty much to be expected.  My muscles are basically fine, and I thought my back would be protesting way more than it has been — hey, turns out maybe exercising your shit while bent over a bicycle is better than slumping twisted in a cubicle or desk 24/7.  Who knew!  The foot injuries I couldn’t’ve anticipated, but I was not expecting my leg to be one massive fucking bruise.  It doesn’t really even hurt except the giant one above my knee and the little one on my Achilles’ heel, but it’s a little awkward.

And I’m not sure what was going through my head when I thought about biking through the South in August.  I mean, objectively, I knew how much I fucking hate the South.  But it’s been years since I spent summer in the South, and I got so spoiled by this brutally beautiful winter and cool grey summer in Milwaukee that I sort of forgot how much I fucking hate the South.  And I’m not even really in the South yet.  So maybe I’ll flee back up north and go east from there because God, how do you people live like this.

(Says the Florida native.)

Tomorrow I shall have to make Decisions, but today I intend to do nowt o’ th’ soart.

Jeff messaged me from work this morning:

J: GOOD MORNING long time no see

me: ohhi ok I’ve got the gay porn downloading on your laptop 

J: Make sure to install any .jpg.exe files it offers to download. Thanks in advance.

me: now I’m peeing in your suitcase

J: this is the best day ever.

real friendship, y’all.

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2 Responses to Day 7: St. Louis / Interlude

  1. Tina Tarbutton says:

    Just want to say I’m enjoying your adventure so far. I found your blog when Amber in Florida posted it on her wall, and I’ve been reminding myself to give it a read every day since. I’m in Maryland, just outside of Baltimore, City. If you ever get near here look me up!


    • intercat5 says:

      Hi! Glad you’re enjoying 🙂 I almost certainly will be near Baltimore eventually, as I went to school in DC and definitely want to haunt the general area a bit. Ahh I’ve got some delightful memories of bmore, haha 🙂

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