Day 6: St. Louis

miles: 18.79

miles via train: ~160

Today… was less than fun, really — the journey, at least.  Which is okay.  I started the day bummed that I couldn’t continue on Route 66, and then the train kept getting stuck (which wasn’t a huge deal, as I wasn’t racing nightfall and had no connections to make, but was annoying). The bike from Union Station to the airport was only about 14 miles, but I just didn’t fucking feel like it.  It was hot and muggy, and I can’t speak for all of STL but the stretch from downtown to the airport area is a shithole (which, granted, is probably not a fair representation of the city in general).  It’s fuckin’ hilly, and since one bad pedal uphill can kick my knee out (Jesus Christ I’m old and decrepit) I had to keep getting on and off the bike, blah blah blah.  And of course kept smashing my injured toes into shit, because a graceful gazelle I am not.

*end whine*

Anyway, I made it, and am now hanging out listening to Welcome to Night Vale and eating pizza with Jeff.  I’ve known this fucker from gaming for like seven years but we’d only hung out once before, briefly, and though he’s one of my best/worst friends there’s always the twinge of worry that it’ll be totally awkward actually Hanging Out.  But no, we’re monsters to each other like always.  Hi Jeff!



I’ll be channeling my inner sloth for the next few days, so hopefully there will be entries of more substance once I have the energy to write more than this boring day-to-day diary type shit.

Also I’ve been in STL for about five hours and I’m fucking ready to move to the Arctic.

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