Day 4: Pontiac, IL

Miles: ~10

Today is one of those days where it’s really surreal that this morning is part of the same day as it is now.  Mostly I’ve just been lazing around this motel room this afternoon, but this morning, in chronological order, I: woke up and discovered that I’d somehow broken off half my big toenail and broken my glasses (again), and promptly fell back asleep; woke up again, and after scrambling down from the top bunk and awkwardly taping my glasses up (again) discovered that I had accidentally been placed in a dormitory room with nine half-naked dudes; ate a pile of pancakes on the deck at sunrise overlooking the gritty Chicago rooftops with a bunch of kids from China, England and I’m not sure where else; bandaged up my bloody, throbbing toe and biked six miles to Union Station, where I hauled it onto the train and headed off for Pontiac.

I intended to just kind of bike around town exploring random places, but I am a huge pussy, and while my nether regions now only feel like they have about five STDs, down from like 50, between that and the fact that every time my toe so much as nudges the inside of my shoe I let out an involuntary yelp, I decided to pay tribute to Pontiac by rigging up my laptop so I could watch Supernatural while soaking in the bathtub.

I live a wild life.

Tomorrow I’m off to Bloomington and I found a super cheap room at a decent motel downtown.  Since it’s only 35ish miles out, I should get there early enough to wander around a bit (and swim!  There’s a pool!  I’m childishly excited).  Tuesday is the intimidating 70 miles to Springfield, but my aforementioned awesome friend Bill hooked me up with some of his friends down there, and it’s definitely motivating when you have an actual destination with real people waiting for you.

Then Wednesday, the fates have mysteriously aligned such that I will be in St. Louis (via train) at the same time that one of my favorite people, Jeff, is getting stuck there for work.  I haven’t seen this dickhead since like 2008 or something, so that’s an unexpected bit of awesomeness.

And I guess it’s time to start thinking seriously about where to go from there.  So many options, so… well, so much time, I suppose.



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