Day 3: Chicago (Redux), Pt 1 – Logistics

Miles: 5.8 (thank God)

Firstly, hey, check it out — my most excellent friend Bill, who fed me, gave me a shower and a bed and a horrific but necessary trip to Wal-Mart (and who also writes a pretty sweet blog about beer, Chicago, dogs, politics… basically everything) also showed me how to fumble around the basics of wordpress, so my blog no longer looks entirely like it was written by a semi-literate turtle.

So yeah!  After I finally dragged myself from a deliciously healing late sleep, Bill and I took his delightful ball of canine energy to the Rogers Park art fair, and then enjoyed a beverage at a cool little dog-friendly speakeasy:


Chester says hello.

So then we erranded and hung out, and on a whim I decided to take the train to Pontiac, IL in the morning, instead of spending the money to stay another day/night in Chicago to let my body heal a little more, then spending more money on a place to stay between here and Pontiac, etc etc.  So then I’m going to hang out there for a day and night, and take off down Route 66 towards Bloomington/Normal, IL, which is an easy 35 miles, and then continue towards Springfield, IL on Tuesday.  It’s a solid 70 miles, but I’m pretty confident I can do it, after one short day and two rest days.  And how much dirty American romance is there in that, biking alone down Route 66 in the summer.

Then I’ll likely take the train from Springfield to St. Louis, since there aren’t any good waypoints in between, and after that… ???  I sort of flirted with the idea of buying a rail pass — sort of still am, to be honest, but I was dreaming of taking the train out to Seattle and then biking down the coast, but none of the Midwest to West Coast routes allow bikes.  A lot of the Midwest and East Coast routes do, though, and the idea of just popping up in random locations, hopping off a train and onto my bike, is definitely appealing.

So that’s my boring(?) day-to-day so fun.  Tomorrow will be first Sunday not filled with anticipatory dread in a very long time.  And tonight I actually got settled in early without total exhaustion since I left, so I’m gonna try to write a second, less logistics-based post.

In conclusion: yes, Mom, I’m still alive and I love you.


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