Day 2

Chicago, IL

Miles: ~50-60, will have to retrace

Summary: Google Maps fucking sucks for biking, y’all.

Full disclosure: my friend warned me of this yesterday.  I looked at the routes he was comparing: the bike route seemed about five miles longer, but it stuck to mostly bike paths and bike lanes, and I was happy to bike the extra five miles.  Yesterday not reaching my intended destination was, at least mostly, on me.

Today it projected my route from Racine to Chicago to be 50 miles, about five hours.  I knew I’d be taking breaks, so I figured six or seven hours at the outside was a safe bet.  My first inclination that I maybe should have done more research was when I finished my four or five miles, and suddenly the total miles remaining was 52.  Wait, what?

So yeah, I started at about 11:15, and by 5:15, when I was sitting in a train station desperately trying to charge my phone, it smugly informed me that I’d only done 25 miles — which, like, I’m not a particularly fast cyclist, but I’m not all that slow, and the last time I did ~35 miles just for funsies over the summer it took me about 3.  Fuck you.

I still had 20-odd miles to go (which by fuck-you-gmaps logic was god knows what), and was hitting the gonna-get-dark haze, so hopped on an Amtrak train into Chicago, which thank god because after getting off, just the last mile or two to my friend’s house I couldn’t even ride sitting down.

Dear body, please don’t take too long to adjust.

On the plus side, I’m hanging out in Chicago with my friend I don’t get to see enough, played with two fantastic dogs and drank some dive bar PBR.  Tomorrow various Chi-town shenanigans and staying in a hostel for the night.  I’m playing Sunday by ear, depending on how well my body heals up, because, well —

10609422_10100992066492607_5446526644777625015_n 13624_10100992066437717_4996780829445829928_n

Also, first time I’ve ever biked across a state line, so that was kind of a cool little milestone!


Good fucking night.

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