Day 1

Racine, WI

Miles: ~37

Unshockingly short first-leg post.  I didn’t get to Kenosha as I’d wanted to, which is disappointing but unsurprising.  I got on the road later than I wanted to; I was going to meet my friend for a last brunch, but then I couldn’t pick up my sunglasses ’til 10 or get my bike to the bike shop for a once-over, so brunch became lunch and I didn’t get going ’til about 2.  In theory I could have made it to Kenosha before sundown easily, but since my body’s not yet used to this kind of bullshit, after awhile I had to stop and walk a bit every few miles to give it a break.

So I got to Racine a little before 7, and stopped a Taco Bell for gross sustenance and to leech their WiFi and electrical outlets.  Drained, but I could physically have made it another 15 miles, but like, biking around after dark with all my possessions on my person is maybe something to avoid.

Muscles seem okay, and back surprisingly seems okay, but between the bruises on my leg, the burn in my wrists and the ache in my ass, I kind of feel like I just had a lot of really kinky sex.  Which, sadly, I did not.  The little blotches of sunburn where I evidently missed with the sunscreen are a nice touch too.

Earlier in my head I was sketching out a long poetic thing about how much I love the anonymous sameness of lonely motel rooms, but I fear that’s gonna be some introspection for another day.

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  1. C says:

    If you wanted kinky sex…


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