goodbye beograd

So, my phone got stolen the other day while I was getting a tattoo priced and was distracted by a dog. Which sucks, but it’s also so me that like I almost, almost can’t be mad. And my phone, thank fuck, was still insured, so I can replace it — but they’ll only ship to the US. And my cloud storage has been full for ages, so I lost a ton of pictures 😦

Anyway on Tuesday I’m bouncing off to Germany to hang out with my friends I met in Morocco, which is pretty fucking cool. And I got a cheap replacement phone on Amazon shipped there, so I should be connected again on Tuesday. All things considered, my four must-haves are my laptop, phone, passport and wallet, and my phone is definitely the least of those.

Not to mention I shattered the screen a couple weeks ago, and it was still functional, but hey, good timing. Assholes.

Then Sarajevo next weekend, then Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Bucharest — am still undecided about Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus; I might just go to Hungary and then the UK and Ireland, and then back to the US, to meet up with my mom in Manhattan for a couple days. 🙂 I sort of surprised myself at how upset I was that I couldn’t talk to her without a phone, since I’ve been calling basically every night via Facetime. But then we figured out how to do voice and video over Facebook messenger and it’s all good.

It’s so strange how unfazed I am by this. Like, I get almost sick with anxiety just going to a fucking restaurant. But phone stolen in the middle of Serbia, while I’m about to fly to Germany? Just like… *shrug*

Brains are weird.

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belgrade, kalemegdan // photodump // churches and sunsets and tigers, oh my

First few days in Belgrade in mid-February, wandering with a fellow American roommate. Saw a few churches, some sites of the NATO bombings in the ’90s, a random dinosaur park, a really gorgeous sunset overlooking the city, and a fucking tiger. You’re welcome.



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transit: alps // photodump

At least I got some cool pictures of snowy mountains while winding through the Alps between — I guess it was Munich and Zagreb? I think it was the Alps?

Also, some cute boots in Croatia, so I don’t have to wear my raggedy-ass tennis shoes everywhere.

And now I am caught up ’til Belgrade! Let’s see if I can get that sorted. I am in Novi Sad for the weekend, taking a break from my hostel — in another hostel. Don’t judge me.


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in bruges

I accidentally ended up in Bruges during the weekend of the Bruges Beer Festival, because of course I did. Which meant the hostel I stayed in, despite being out of city center, was fucking bananas. Which, honestly, I don’t mind — I’m the creaky old interloper here amidst the 19 year olds on break — and despite being a giant curmudgeon, I secretly really enjoy watching people just having fun, even if I’m only observing. And I even made some one-night friends.

I did not, however, actually go to the beer fest. Even though I love Belgian beer.

Or, well, I totally did go to the beer fest, but just did not participate. Like, that was levels of crowded that I can barely tolerate in places where I live, speak the language, and know what the fuck I’m doing, ever. But it was cool to see.

And anyway, the hostel had a bar with like 60+ beers anyway, and based on idle conversation, I was definitely not the only one who was just like eh, fuck it, and just drank at the hostel instead.

And I met up with a friend I made in Paris, because honestly there’s something smugly sophisticated-feeling about a conversation, like, “Oh, you’re in Bruges, aren’t you? I’m on my way there, let’s get a beer!”

And then having beer(s), in Bruges, with your Australian friend that you met in Paris. *flips hair*

Unfortunately, the friends I make are generally pretty awesome, and so I lost track of time chatting and missed my train back to Brussels and on to Munich. Whoops.

(I think I made my connecting bus anyway, so not a big deal, but things blend together at this point.)

And in big travel news of the day — tomorrow I get my very own room here at my hostel in Belgrade! It’s been near 20 weeks since I’ve had, like, a room with a door and a lock, alone. And then tomorrow I’m going to Novi Sad anyway, but at least when I get back I can shut the fucking door.

Anyway here have some pictures of Bruges. I’m catching up slowly. ❤


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out of order, out of time // marseille & aix-en-provence

Yeah, I’ve got no excuses. I’ve been in Belgrade 2 1/2 weeks, with a brief hop to Romania, and still not caught up. I might get my own room in the next day or so, though, which would be amazing.

So here, have some completely disorganized pictures of my brief sojourn to Marseille and Aix.

One of these days, I swear, you guys, I’ll catch up.

I’m probably lying.

Serbia is pretty neat, though, even though the highlight of my day today was scrubbing a hostel shower from the inside, standing up, knocking my elbow against the shower handle and turning it on full force. I shrieked so loud my coworker came running from across the hall, so that was not at all embarrassing.


Right. Pictures. Only like… a month late. ❤


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bad pictures of paris


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belated barcelona photodump


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